Give your sleep the loving attention it deserves with our Premium Plus program. This is our top-of-the-line sleep coaching package and comes with five 1:1 sleep coaching sessions. You’ll start with a comprehensive consultation that will help us get an idea of your sleep background and current habits, and then you and your certified coach will work to develop a customized sleep plan based on your objectives over the course of several months.

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With five sleep coaching sessions, you’ll learn lasting habits and see marked improvements to your sleep health. Our coaches work with you to motivate, encourage, and hold you accountable in your journey towards your best sleep. Find the joy of a life well slept with our Premium Plus program.

  • Learn your sleep type
  • Develop a customized progress plan with your sleep coach
  • Consistently measure your progress with a daily sleep check-in
  • Reset your sleep with our weekend step-by-step guide
  • Start making better sleep a higher priority in your life

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