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When you choose our Premium option, you are able to schedule two 1:1 sessions with a Certified Sleep Coach. During your sessions, your coach will work with you to create a customized sleep plan based on your goals and also be there to provide you with the accountability to help you reach them.

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Along with two 1:1 sleep coaching sessions, our Premium option offers three months’ worth of dynamic science-backed email content to help you along your sleep journey and provide you with insight. This plan is great for anyone who wants to focus on sleep as an opportunity for improved wellness and just needs a few additional tools and the knowledge to get there. With this plan:

  • Learn your sleep type
  • Talk 1:1 with your certified Sleep Coach
  • Take part in two 50-minute sessions
  • Develop a progress plan with your sleep coach
  • Work toward your goals with a daily sleep check-in
  • Reset your sleep with our weekend step-by-step guide
  • Start prioritizing better sleep in your own life.

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