The problem

You could buy the nicest pair of running shoes, but that doesn’t make you an Olympic sprinter. Similarly, your customers can buy a brand new sleep system, but that doesn’t mean they’re great sleepers.

The solution

When your customers buy a new mattress or sleep system, the Reverie Sleep Coach program can help them learn how to get great sleep, too. We’ve been working with our scientific advisory board to develop an accurate, relevant sleep coaching program. You can think of it as a personal trainer for your sleep.

Here's how it works

Sell the Reverie Sleep Coach program as an add-on or standalone product. This is a digital program and takes up no space on the retail floor.

Start sleeping better tonight.

Take the sleep assessment

Yes. Reverie Sleep Coach has three initial product offerings. Each has its own SKU, and you can provide customers with a physical Sleep Coach package upon purchase.

Reverie will provide your RSAs with webinar training just as we do for any power base or sleep system rollout. Training tools will also be available on the Reverie Partner Network (RPN).
Reverie Sleep Coach is designed to support the new mattress adjustment period. Not only can the added sleep knowledge boost your customer’s perception of your store and the buying experience, but it also has the potential to mitigate comfort returns. Additionally, we’ve designed the three Sleep Coach product offerings to support your selling needs throughout the year.
Reverie Sleep Coach gives RSAs the opportunity to provide added value to their customers without adding significant cost to the customer. Valuable sleep health advice provided through Reverie Sleep Coach will appear to the customer as an extension of the RSA’s knowledge and great service. Sleep Coach will also increase AUSP.
Reverie Sleep Coach Basic supplements your product sale with the sleep health tips required to make a great sleep system = great sleep. This can be a low-cost add-on or giveaway with purchase. Reverie Sleep Coach Premium is a no-brainer upsell for a customer who has expressed the desire to improve their sleep health. Reverie Sleep Coach Premium+ is a perfect tool to use in lieu of the traditional “TV giveaway” during big promotional periods.
Upon purchase, your customer will receive a Sleep Coach package with a unique code. To activate the Sleep Coach, they will visit the Sleep Coach portal and type in their unique activation code to take the quiz and get started.
Our in-house certification program trains Reverie team members on the fundamentals of sleep and healthy sleep habits. We’ve turned to our advisory board of sleep scientists and doctors to create and vet the content to ensure we are teaching scientifically accurate, up to date, practical information. Team members view online webinars and must pass university-level tests in order to gain certification, as well as do continuing education throughout the year in order to maintain certifications.