A sleep coach is like a personal trainer, but instead of helping you get more fit, they help you get healthier through better sleep. Sleep Coaches work with you to get better sleep through simple changes, behaviors, and attitudes around sleep.

Just because we’ve been sleeping all of our lives doesn’t mean we’re good at it. Chances are, you’ve never had any training on what to do for great sleep. However, sleep is even more important to our health and wellness than we might’ve thought. A sleep coach can easily identify your path to better sleep and then work with you to make positive changes.
Our sleep coaches go through a rigorous sleep science training curriculum developed by our Sleep Advisory board—these are doctors and scientists at top-tier universities around the country. Our coaches typically come from wellness backgrounds and go through an intensive apprenticeship before becoming fully certified.
Sessions are completed via phone. You don’t need anything for the sessions, just yourself and a phone.
Each person differs in their needs. As a loose starting point, we recommend two sessions if you’ve scored as Slightly Sleep Deprived, High Sleep Potential, or Slothy Sleeping Superstar and the five-session package if you score as Tired, Just Tired, or Completely Exhausted. You’ll have the option to add additional sessions at any time.
Sleep plans typically consist of 3-5 custom sleep goals that list specific steps for what to do next. Some sleep goal examples include implementing a caffeine cutoff, adjusting the temperature of your thermostat, or reading a book before bed.
Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, with some extended package sessions requiring a shorter 15-minute check-in via phone or email.
While advice from coaches is limited to sessions, if you need to ask your coach a question you can reach out via email and the coach will address your question during your next session.
Yes, we love when our clients use sleep trackers! We’ll ask you to share your sleep data or read us your trends over the phone. Our coaches have experience in reading sleep tracker data from a number of sleep tracker platforms.
We typically assign coaches based on your availability but if you would like to talk to a specific coach, just reach out and we’ll work with you on your request!
If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so 24 hours before your scheduled time. You’ll find a link in your reminder email to reschedule. No shows will be charged for a full session.