Give the Gift of Rest: 5 gifts for the person who has everything

Give the Gift of Rest: 5 gifts for the person who has everything

You know that one person on your Christmas list who seems to have everything already? That one person who’s always the last to be crossed off? They say they don’t want anything but you want to get them something—and everything you think they’d want, they already have, naturally. Well, this year you’re in luck, because we know just the gift that everyone could use: sleep! If you’re having a difficult time finding that perfect gift for someone who has everything, look no further than our list here of the five best sleep-saving gifts for that (ahem) special person on your list:

#1: Sleep mask

We’ll start with the low-tech, least expensive option—a good, dependable eye mask. Your body’s response to incoming light is to keep you awake, because your body is conditioned to interpret light as daytime (especially blue light, the noted sunlight imposter, found in most of our favorite screens). A sleep mask will guarantee no stray light from windows or devices is able to hit your eyes and keep you from a peaceful night’s sleep. We recommend this ultrasoft silk option from Alaska Bear.

#2: Noise machine

A noise machine is another relatively inexpensive gift that will still improve the quality of your giftee’s sleep. While we’re asleep, our brain is able to muffle our senses a bit in order to let us relax and sleep easy, but this doesn’t mean we’re dead to the world. Loud, sudden, or unusual noises can still wake you from an otherwise peaceful sleep, and the best way to drown out any surprise noises is by covering it up with a steady stream of tranquil white noise, which is where a noise machine comes in. Just think of it as a sort of “eye mask” for your ears! Low-end, simple noise machines can run between $10-20, but if you’re looking for a machine with all the bells and whistles (like auto shut-off and an alarm clock) you can find prices over the $100 mark, closer to $150. We recommend the highly-rated Marpac Dohm for your sleeping enjoyment.

#3: Essential oil diffuser

Continuing our streak of sensory sleep gifts, another great gift idea is an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils have tons of benefits, and the type of essential oil you decide to go with just depends on which benefit you’re after. When it’s an easier time falling asleep, you can’t go wrong with some lavender essential oil aromatherapy. Lavender has long been known for its relaxing properties, and adding a few drops into a diffuser is the perfect way to turn any bedroom into a calm environment conducive to sleep. If you want to give the best of the best, we recommend this modern, stylish diffuser from Vitruvi that blends in beautifully with home décor.

#4: New bedding

This next gift can be a little more expensive, but it’s also guaranteed to be a memorable one. Brand new bedding is something people so rarely think to purchase for themselves, and it’s sure to be a delightful surprise for your recipient. If you want to make the gift extra special, you can try to find a sheet set with a unique design that’s perfectly personalized to your friend or family member’s style. Our recommendation? How about this elegant 280-thread count, soft-to-the-touch pima cotton sheet set from L.L. Bean.

Give the Gift of Rest: 5 things to get the person who has everything

#5: A better night of sleep and more energy in the morning

There’s one gift idea that you won’t be able to find sitting on any shelves this holiday shopping season, and that is a better night’s sleep. Thankfully, you are able to connect someone with the right resource to start improving their sleep, and that resource is Reverie®️ Sleep Coach™. Our Sleep Coach program puts you (or your very lucky gift-receiver) in touch with a real-live expert in sleep science who will meet with you one-on-one to determine the specific sleep issues you’re facing. After this, your Sleep Coach acts as the personal trainer for your sleep in the coming weeks, helping you to cover all of the bases of healthy sleep and making sure that you’re equipped with the right habits going forward. Chances are, you probably can’t think of one person on your list who couldn’t use a more restorative night’s sleep. Setting them up with Sleep Coach means giving them the gift of honest-to-goodness rest, a gift which will benefit them for years and years to come. Try out a single session for just $49 (originally $99) with the code “HOLIDAY” and get a customized sleep plan just for you!

Sleep, the must-have gift of every year

You can never go wrong using the holidays as a chance to make someone’s sleep a little sweeter. Better sleep will always be the gift that keeps on giving, because long after that sweater has unraveled and that cell phone is three generations behind, healthy sleep will be there, keeping your loved ones merry and bright.